Vermox Online


Vermox - is an antiparasitic agent used for treatment of ascariasis, enterobiasis, hookworm infection and trichuriasis. By pharmacological action Vermox is positioned as an anthelmintic (antiparasitic) drug of a wide spectrum action on parasites, with the most expressed effect at enterobiasis and trichocephalosis. The remedy causes irreversible disturbance of metabolism in helminths's cells: breaks glucose utilization, reduces glycogen's reserves, inhibits the synthesis of cellular tubulin and ATP.

Indications for use:
Application of Vermox is possible for: ascariasis (a parasitic disease caused by Ascaris), enterobiasis (a disease caused by pinworm), hookworm infection (a disease caused by nematodes), trichocephalosis (a parasitic disease caused by whipworm).

Instructions for use:
Application of Vermox for enterobiasis - 100 mg ( 1 or tablet) once. Duration of treatment - 3 days. The next treatment's course (after 2 weeks) is aimed on the prevention of reinfection. Vermox is prescribed in cases of hookworm infection, ascariasis, richocephalosis or mixed helminthiasis for children over 12 months and for adults in dose of 100 mg twice a day (it's desirable morning and evening reception). Therapy duration - 3 days. Recommendations for treatment of strongyloidiasis and taeniasis consists in appointment of 200 mg of Vermox twice a day (duration – 3 days). Childrens' single dose is 100 mg, taken twice a day (duration - 3 days).